Nitasha Jaini

contemporary Indian visual artist
Conceptual art, painting
and Installations with Found objects

''The idea is that the object has a language unto itself’’.
Anish Kapoor

Nitasha Jaini

Contemporary Conceptual artist.

''A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.''
Salvador Dali

''I only give expression to the instincts from my soul."
MF Husain

Critics Quote’s

"Jaini has the capacity to pack in her drawings a panorama of images, a quality she should exploit in her future work," Gayatri Sinha, The Hindu 1998

"Now who is this Peeping Jane?" Nirupama Dutt, Tehelka .com 2001

"The works celebrate the male’s role as nayak , purush and Krishna, filtered through the artist’s perception as a woman" Ella Dutta , Business Standard 1995

"Nitasha is a naturalist painter ,painting in the humanist language"ARUNA BHOWMICK Statesman 2003

"Her show is divided into different parts but the content is the same" Shailaja Tripathi, Indian Express 2002

"She admits women like her are still considered a rare exception" Ann Packer, The evening post ,Wellington, New Zealand 2001

"The tenderest moments of life are etched on canvas." K.Kannan Hindu 2001

"Nitasha Jaini seems to have improved the dynamics of her imagery and lent more verve to her colours" R.S. YADAV National Herald 2001

"More often than not man/men in her paintings becomes the symbol of a shifting ambivalent balance between the sexes," SEEMA BAWA The Pioneer 1999

"Interestingly, Nitasha addresses the issues faced by educated and urbanized women," Johny M.L. The WEEKEND OBSERVER 1999

"While she feels it is necessary for men and women to co-exist she believes the men today have to change their viewpoints to be able to handle the change in the other gender", Suchitra Behal , The Hindu 1998

"Despite the stance, Nitasha’s work is not harangue, Colours, lines forms feelings everything on her canvas is muted. Everything is harnessed to achieve an aesthetic image which works on the subconcious." Ratnottama Sengupta , Times of India 1998

"Thank God for a woman painter who is not banking on her own gender but on the so-called opposite sex. This shows something close to objectivity or at least an intellectual curiosity."Keshav Malik Delhi Times 1995

"The work seems to compel you to do some soul searching and frank introspection" UMA NAIR 1998

"Apart from her romantic and mystic portrayals, her thoughts can be critical and often laced with humour too as she responds to the situations she witnesses around." RomainMaitra for 2010

"Her works reflect compassion, humour and empathy for the other gender, who is struggling to come to terms with the equal status earned by the woman.( her) works made several statements; on our lack of empathy for the habitat, selfishness, greed, and cruelty towards all that does not suit our immediate agenda." VandanaShukla, in Nigaah, Vol 13 art magazine published from Pakistan 2011

"Nitasha Jaini, (exhibits) a very interesting work titled, "only sanyam no tehelka" ", Pallavi Sahni in Daily life page 3, 11 march 2014

"The exhibition lives up to ( BOLD strokes)An installation by Nitasha Jaini talks about,control" Amarjot Kaur Tribune Life+ style 12 march 2014

"Nothing is more central to artistic expression as the human form" Suneet Chopra Hindustan Times 1995


Her home and studio are both in Gurgaon, India.

Born Punjab India
1985 - M.A.Fine Art, B.B.K.D.A.V.College, Guru Nanak Dev University,Amritsar
1985 - Art appreciation course National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi
1995 Lalit Kala Akademi, Research Grant, New Delhi
1994 All India Exhibition of Art, lndian Academy of Fine Art.Amritsar
2019 All India exhibition of art by Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, Sirifort New Delhi
2019 Artscapes Chandigarh
2018 FINEXT Swaraj Bhawan Bhopal
2016 Jaipur Art SUMMIT Jaipur India
2016 THE ART HUB group show .Atria Mall Worli Mumbai
2016 Ray of hope by Kala Care at American center New Delhi
2015 International art exhibition by Jammu & Kashmir Centre for creative arts Jammu
2015 SCZCC 28th National exhibition of contemporary art, at Bhopal.
2014 Delhi international film festival (DIFF)
2014 Women artist exhibition by Artscapes, Chandigarh
2013 Face,Indo �Korea Art Exhibition,AIFACS New Delhi
2006 National Exhibition by Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi.
2002 'Chatak professional' at Nehru Centre, Mumbai
1996, 2000, 2003 Sahitya Kala Parishad, Annual, New Delhi
1997 AIFACS, New Delhi
1997 Rajasthan L K A Binneale at Jaipur
1993 Fifth North Region Exhibition at Ahemdabad LKA
1993 Punjab Lalit Kala Travelling Exhibhition, Amritsar
1992 7th YuyaMohastava, Sahitya Kala Parishad, N. Delhi.
2019 Green line at Arts4All and Champatree curated by Binoy VERGHESE
2018 ‘WRITTEN ON WATER’ group show curated by Sanjeev Sonpimpare at Gallery Beyond Mumbai
2015- Individual expressions 02, Birla BhavanKolkatta, And Simla curated by Prabhinder Lall, 2014-�Shaktipunj�show at Punjab Kala Bhavan Chandigarh,2012- United art fair ,pragatimaidan ,New Delhi,2006- �Fragmented time� curated by AtiyaAmjad ,Pravasi divas ,Hyderabad,2005 - �Elements� curated by Jonny Travancore house, New Delhi,2003 - Reclaiming the Lotus�, by Apparao Galleries by Dr. AlkaPande,1999 - 'Delhi through the eyes of an artist' at Moscow, NGMA, New Delhi,1996 - 'Feel of colour' Gallery - 55, Sundar Nagar, New Delhi,GROUP SHOWS-2014 2x2 group show in MUMBAI by MintuDeka,2014 Tvak, by Sree Arts Gallery ,AllianceFrancise New Delhi,2014 Opa/city show with Vani Subramanian/others ,Maxmuller N Delhi,2013 �Beyond August15�, group show at Chandigarh by Kadamb Art gallery,2013 HIFA, show at Punjab Kala Bhavan Chandigarh,2013 Khajuraho art festival ,ArtMart.Khajuraho India,2012 Delhi Film Festivalgroup show .NewDelhi,2010 Group show at Gallery Alternatives, Gurgaon,2007 Group show Bajaj Art gallery Mumbai,2006 Group show at Artfelt. New Delhi,2006 �Monsoon�� by Red Earth, Delhi and Mumbai,2006 Concern India ,in Delhi and Art and Design show in Mumbai,2006 Two Person show at Gallery Alternatives, Gurgoan,2005 �24 hour�Group show at ChitramayeeGal.Hyderabad,2005 Group show at PoorviSanskriti Kendra, Delhi,2004 ABC, and PEEP show, Apparao Galleries, New Delhi, Chennai,2004 5thAnniversaryshow,GalleryAlternatives, Gurgoan,2001. 'And Buddha Smiled', show at Intach, MastersGuild New Delhi,2001. 'Open Spaces'II, GROUP SHOW, at Arpana Gallery, New Delhi,2001. 'Cross X Links 'group show of Indian and New Zealand women Artist at Triveni, LKA New Delhi. Bharat Bhavan. BHOPAL.Udaipur,2000. Women artists show by VHAI, Arpana Gallery New Delhi,2000. 'Their Story', by VHAI at LKA, New Delhi,1999-2001. Group show at Art Junction, Intercontinental New Delhi.,1996 Three person show at AIFACS, New Delhi,1996 Three person show at RashtriyaLalit Kala Kendra, Lucknow by LKA.,1993. Twoperson show at Gallery Greenwood, New Delhi,ONE PERSON SHOW -2004 Idea of Success, Jehangir Art Gallery ,Mumbai2003 � Recent works� show at Gallery Alternatives DlfGurgoan.,2002. 'NayanSukh' installation show at LKA, New Delhi.,1999 Triveni and Sculpture Court, Triveni Kala Sangam New Delhi1998. India International Centre, N. Delhi,1997. Shridharani Gallery Triveni, N. Delhi,,1995 Triveni Gallery, New Delhi by Art Konsult,1992. Punjab Kala Bhavan,PLKA Chandigarh ,1992 NZCC, Sheesh mahal Patiala,1992 Thakur. S. Art Gallery, Amritsar
2018 ART BUSAN 2018 Gwangju art fair and ARTASIA South Korea by Gallery1000A
2017 3rd Jerusalem Biennale , Jerusalem curated by Hemavati Guha
2016 "No Coincidence" group show by TamaraArtajeva,Vilnius Lithuania
2011 Postcard to Faiz, group show Karachi.Pakistan
2008 Group show at Nomad Gallery Islamabad. Pakistan
2001 Cross X links' show at Pataka museum of arts Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand, Globe Gallery, Napier.New Zealand.
2001 'Project Giotto', campand group show at Genova Italy
2000 'Facing the reality' two person show Deutsche Welle, Germany
1999 'Delhi through the eyes of an artist' at Moscow, NGMA, New Delhi. Work in Lalit Kala Collection,Moconesi town collection Italy,Deutsche Welle, Germany and private collections
2000 One person show at Berlin Cultural Centre, Indian Embassy, Germany

''Anything can change into anything. A sun can be a custard apple also.
That is the game. It is my job to convince you.
Arpita Singh from an interview.



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Conceptual modern Contemporary Art
Nitasha Jaini, India.